Mondays at Skimmilk:
30 Years of Writers at Work

In the summer of 2005, documentary filmmaker Ken Browne visted Skimmilk Farm during a workshop to document the goings as part of a gift to Jean Pedrick. A few weeks later, he returned to interview writers individually on camera. Two years later, Mondays at Skimmilk: 30 Years of Writers at Work was debuted on New Hampshire Public Television. It has since been picked up by American Public Television and broadcast at public television stations across the country.

Profiles of individual poets and writers, often of tragic nature, have been done," says filmmaker Ken Browne, "but a documentary portrait of a group of joyful, sane writers supporting each other over many years, seemed a great opportunity - luckily, the choice of the Skimmilk Farm workshop provided more wit, wisdom, and insight into the craft of writing than I could have imagined."

The film, with music by the Borealis Wind Quartet,  is narrated by New Hampshire Public Radio's Laura Knoy.

Ken Browne Productions